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A Pumpkin Filled Weekend

Last weekend we made a trip to our church’s pumpkin patch.  The kids had a ball!  There were so many beautiful pumpkins to choose from!  All the money our pumpkin patch makes goes to fund youth activities in the church.  A very worthy cause.  Here are some pictures to enjoy.

The Family at he pumpkin patch


Babycakes in the patch


Also, The Foreman’s Scout Pack went to another pumpkin patch on Sunday.  He also had a great time.  I think that we are pumpkin-ed out for now!


The Foreman in an excavator bucket.


A handsome guy!


Are you ready for Halloween?





A Restorative Weekend

My sister, me, my other sister and my mom at Girls Weekend 2012!

Last weekend I went on my annual Girl’s Weekend with my mom and sisters.  Every year, we choose a different place to get away to.  This year it was a cabin in Greer, Arizona.  These long weekends are filled with a huge amount of laughter as well as a lot of food.  It is so wonderful to be among experienced mothers (their advise is always spot on!) and friends that I just happen to be related to.  It is also nice to take a break from all my responsibilities at home.  On these weekends, my husband takes care of everything that I usually do at home.  Once again, I am blessed because I have a husband willing to do this, and he sees first hand what I do while he is at work.  This weekend also gives me time to rest.  I look forward to this all year!  Next year we are renting a house in Cardiff By The Sea!  In my mind, I am already sitting on the beach with a good book!

Saving A Life

Last night was the first meeting for our Cub Scout group.  This cutting some activities out, not going so good.  Anyway, we had a special speaker to teach us CPR.  He was great!  He was super patient with the kids, and really knew his stuff.  Here are some pictures of The Foreman working with the rescue dummy.  I know some are blurry, my phone is not the best at taking pictures :).


The Foreman listening to the instructor.


The Foreman gets ready to do CPR

What a blessing to have such a wonderful Cub Scout Pack!

Too Much


Lately, our house has been crazy.  The Gamer, The Sargent, and The Foreman are all in school.  We have church activities, Ninjitsu, and Scouts start next month.  Oh yes, we also have therapies for The Foreman.  Most nights we don’t see each other for more than ten minutes.  Babycakes misses just about everyone but me, and she is not getting proper sleep because of drop off and pick up situations.  Now I realize that this is normal life for a lot of families.  That’s ok.  For us, we are used to spending a lot of time together.  We really enjoy just being with each other most of the time.  We are not doing too well with our new schedule.  I feel overwhelmed and crabby and exhausted.  Everyone else is crabby and exhausted too.  Top this off with me trying to recover from my dad’s death, and a not too good Sunday School class that I am supposed to teach, and disaster is not too far away.  The Sargent and I hit our breaking point this past week.  We both separately decided that some of the madness had to stop.  We knew that some things would not change.  The Sergeant’s college classes are a priority.  The Gamer was happy to give up Wednesday night Youth Group.  He now has time to do homework on Wednesday.  For the foreseeable future, no new Church activities.  I would normally feel super guilty about this, however I read this post here.  We are now going to learn to say no with grace and love.  Our family is our first ministry.  God will love us and encourage us in this attempt.  Do you have too much to do?  What did you do about it?

Words Of Encouragement

English: Shalbourne - Sunday School This Sunda...

I know it has been ages since my last post.  Things are CRAZY here.  More on that later.  I wanted to share something that happened to me on Sunday.  As you may know, home school has not been easy.  In fact, last year, I was burned out and crabby most of the time. So far, this year has been better.  However, I still struggle with doubts.  Am I really doing the best for my child?  Is he really learning all he needs to and living up to his full potential?  I worry.  A lot.  Last Sunday, I went to pick up The Foreman from Sunday School.  I was able to talk to his teacher, who also happens to be a second grade teacher during the week.  Her words really encouraged me.  She said that Jack has made a lot of progress in both his behavior and reading skills.  She went on to say that in her opinion, home schooling was the right choice for The Foreman.  Now I know that as parents we cannot live and die by the opinions of others.  However, I was so encouraged by this that it strengthened my resolve to have a good school year and keep going.  It was so kind of her to share her thoughts with me.  Words of encouragement, even just a few, are so important.  They can have a huge impact on someone.  I am still hearing the words of The Foreman’s Sunday School teacher today.  They give me that needed push to go on.  Words are powerful, and I am grateful.

Lego Party Goodie Bag

Last month, The Foreman turned 7.  I posted about his party, but I didn’t have time to post about the goodie bags.  I love goodie bags!  I love making them, and I love having more to my goodie bags than you might find in an average one.  What I do not love is spending a ton of money.  I have gotten very resourceful.  I try to always  create an activity book with printable coloring pages (theme specific), and I always do a custom birthday word search.  I am lucky that The Forman’s birthday falls right in the middle of the back to school sales.  The folders I used for the activity books were free!  The crayons were .25.  I splurged on the Lego pencils and stickers.  The Lego set was an amazing .39!!!  I got them a while back at Target during a 90% clearance.  The Lego hat and magazine were free from the Lego Brickathon we attended.  With all this, plus the bags themselves, and decorating supplies, my goodie bags cost me about $2.50 each.  Not too shabby! 

The inside.

Summer Memories

I know it is still hot outside, but summer is over for us.  School has started for everyone in the house, and we are looking forward to fall changes.  We had a summer filled with great memories.  A lot of them I didn’t post because we were so very busy.  A lot of things happened while my mother was visiting.  Were so happy to have her here!  Now, I am trying to catch up with all the memories we made.  In August, we went to Brickathon in Lake Tahoe at the Heavenly ski resort.  What fun!!  My boys had a total blast!  My niece also came with us, so it was that much more fun.  Best of all, Brickathon was free!  That makes it just about perfect for me! Do you have any fun summer memories?

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